UNIT 1. What is architecture?

People usually think that architecture is an art where an architect can express their personalities, the mix between art, science and technology, the process of having and idea and being able to build it, the creation of functional and beautiful spaces, the ability of transforming a place into something new and better.

It´s a profession where you make plans of a building, you design things to respect the nature and the structure of the city, you can organize the places we habitate, it´s the  way to find the balance between comfort, functionality and beauty.

Photos of Buildings That Blend in With Nature
Billionaires' Row - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Architecture is not only about making plans of a building,  when you are about to design something you also have to take in count the culture, the landscape, the history and much more things.

In the process of designing it you have to make a research about the materials you are going to use and the money you are going to need always following the orders the client gives, you will also want to look for something that is atemporal.

Many architects have tried to define what this profession is about and these are a few of their definitions:

“Architecture is the art of building” Marcus Vitruvius.

“Architecture is the inevitable art, we are in continuous contact with it…, we can avoid contemplating at paintings, sculptures or any other work of art but architecture, It affects us constantly, configures our behavior and conditions our state of mind” Richard Lelan.

“Only a very small part of architecture is included in the world of art: funerary and commemorative monuments. Everything else, everything that has a purpose has to be excluded from the world of art” Adolf Loos.

Architecture could be defined as a technique, because unlike the other ways of knowing the world like art or philosophy, technique is a way of doing which leads us to say that technique defines humanity and the way we live.

Now, where does architecture begins?, this art started from the need or a problem that asks for it to be changed.

In my opinion, architecture does touch all of the fields. You have to learn science and physics so the building doesn´t fall down, you have to know about society so you know how to make it functional for the people living there and also you have to be creative and have a little bit of an artistic aspiration so the building matches the rest of the buildings near it and fits into the aesthetic. I also think that you have to be a really communicative person because, apart from working with colleagues and getting to understand each other in a project, you also have to understand what the client is asking for and satisfy their wishes for the building within their possibilities.