PA 2 The architecure from its actors

Francesco Borromini

Francesco Borromini was an architect born in Italy in 1667; he started working as an engraver for Carlos Maderno who actually introduced him in the world of architecture.

Borromini was one of the forefathers of the baroque in Rome and to this day he is still one of the most famous artists from this style.

What led Borromini to be one of the most iconic references in the baroque, apart from his immense talent, was his rivalry with his contemporaneous Gian Lorenzo Bernini, this enmity with the artist made him create his designs in a completely opposite direction than what was normal at the time creating a whole new era for the following architects.

Borromini bacame an icon because of his new ways to use shapes in a different way; stepping out of the ordinary he started to overlap ovals, triangles and squares. His style is dominated by curved lines and geometric shapes.

His most representative work its San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, he started it at the beginning of his career and finished its façade as his last project.

Most of Borromini´s documents have been lost in time so I found it impossible to quote or read what was his opinion on architecure. However, I feel like I have read wnough about him to have an idea about his perspective of architecture.

For me, Borromini was a really ambitious man who wanted to break with anything that could have been done before him, he was ruled by anger, revenge and a little bit of sadness.

I have chosen him because a few years ago I went to Rome, and even though the whole city is a work of art, this was the building I was most fascinated for, it caught my eye and got stuck in my brain in a way I can´t really describe and as I never got the time and excuse to search on him I used this task to satisfy my curiosity.

His job is a completely work of art, it almost seems unbelivable that the building is standing still with all of those risky curves and shapes, you can clearly see the ambition of the architect in every corner of all projects he had ever made, he wanted his projects to stand out from every place it was in.

Down here I´m going to attach some others works that I find fascinating.

Saint Inés in Agony

Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza


The construction of the convent of San Carlino alle Quatro Fontane: some notes about the history and genesis of Borromini´s project – Marta Grau Fernández