PA 1 My Enviroment

Describing the environment

I chose the square from my old school where I spent my entire childhood, right now sitting in one of the benches I can see the whole square.

Right next to me there are another two benches and some trees around them, in front of me there is a wall decorated with some graffiti that the students have made through the years. On the left there are a few parking places and a little wall where people can sit to wait their children. And on the right, there the beautiful facade of the church, you can see the main door that should be about 2 meters tall and two windows on each side.

The height of the church I would say it´s about 10 meters and built with some normal rock and a more red rock that is typical in that town, if you look at the top of the church you can see the place where the bells are placed covered with a fence with the trinity cross on it.

And to finish if you look at the left corner of the church you can see a door that could be considered the main entrance of the school.

1.Why did you choose this environment?

I chose this environment because it´s a place I have been frequently going since I was 3 years old but I don´t think I have ever stopped to look at it calmly. Whenever I go there I feel surrounded by a lot of memories that cause me nostalgia and I thought that it could be the best place to talk about in my first task.

2. What makes you comfortable?

I think that apart from all of the years I have spent here and the familiarity of it another thing that makes me comfortable is the people that are always around there. I find it fascinating that depending on the hour you go you can find different groups of people, if you go between 8am and 2pm you will find children, teachers and even parents, if you go during the afternoon you will mostly find old people going to the church, and if you go after 23pm you could find either some teenagers or find it absolutely alone and quiet which only makes it more beautiful.

3. Is there some disruptive element?

The most disruptive element that I could find in this space it could be the graffiti in the white wall, because combined with the old aspect of the rest of the square it kind of stands out more than what it should. You could also say that the door on the bottom left corner could be a little bit disruptive because it´s more modern than the façade of the church itself.

4. Do you think you´d feel the same way in another space right now?

I don’t really think that I could feel the same way anywhere else because this place is filled with a bunch of memories from my childhood and teen years.  I have spent here the majority of my life and it´s a real special spot that I like to visit whenever I´m down.

5. Do you think that the conditions of this space influence its occupants? How?

I do think that the conditions of the space influence the people that live there. For example, the amount of traffic and children that goes there every day could change the habits of the neighbors, also the people that go to church every day , the noise they make and their presence could disturb their routine.

6.  Would you change anything?
I don´t think that I would change anything even if I could. Even with the mixed modern and classic styles i wouldn´t change because it´s what makes it special, it shows the different types of people that go there frequently, from little kinds through teenagers to old people.